Duchess has started to find her routine with going to school full time and learning to ignore the kids. She has also been socialized at the dog park, shopping centres and the farm. Not a huge fan of chickens, but is definitely warming up to them. It has become pretty clear that her favourite place to be is wherever you are, and she will do anything in her puppy power to have a paw touching a part of you — even a strand of hair. And if she is not right next to you, she is cuddling with the “Treat-and-Train” or napping with her tongue out. We all also adored every little ounce of time we got to spend with Bruni. Since we went to NYC, she got to spend some time with other handlers who loved her so well. Thanks, Erica, Christian, Cheryl and Marc!

Submitted by: Ryleigh Jacobs & Caleb Vanderleek