October was a busy month for Duchess with many outings. She got to tag along to many breweries, coffee shops and walks. She even got to go bowling TWICE: once with little kiddos for school and once with the big “kiddos” for our friend’s birthday. She was unfazed by the lights, or the sounds — not even the big thuds from the bowling balls could entice her.

For a field trip, Duchess got to go to the local Home Depot with PADS Dusky. They both worked on their various stretches so well together! But most of all, she loved her trip to Steveston — lots of smells, the ocean and dogs to help her with her training!

Sadly, her bestest bud and sister-in-spirit, PADS Bruni left us to live with her client this month. Duchess is surely going to miss her! But, we are looking forward to our first November with Duchess as she continues to transition from adolescence to adulthood in neat ways.

Submitted by: Ryleigh Jacobs & Caleb Vanderleek