Edith here. This month started off hot! I do not like the heat and I just wanted to hide in the shade. Luckily our basement is nice and cool and I have a paddly pool in the garden. I went to a group class and met some of my PADS friends. No playtime though, just training exercises and I think I did well and enjoyed an extra long nap afterwards. At home I am learning lots of new words and behaviours, when I do things right or well I get my piece of kibble and I love my kibble.

My legs have grown longer and so I can walk a little further now. Sometimes I go to the shops and walk around the isles and have to avoid people and objects. The trolley wheels squeak and that attracts my attention but I am learning to ignore those kinds of distractions.

My family went on holiday and took me on a big ferry boat. Everything on the boat smelled really unusual and I wanted to sniff, we walked around and then sat in the car. My first treat was visiting a wonderful sitter with a dog and then my second treat was visiting a sitter with two dogs. We walked and played and napped and I tried to be as good as I could. After a week I met my family and stayed by the sea where the fog rolled in and the wind blew. The beach was 3 blocks away and every day the walk there and back got a little easier. Oh the beach was fun with seaweed to chew and cold water to dip my toes in. Unfortunately there were not other dogs to play with but I enjoyed exploring and napping once back at the cabin. The journey home was a bit long but luckily I was able to stretch my legs every two hours.

Submitted by: Jo Brand