Edith here. At the beginning of the month, I went to my favourite sitter’s house, and she took me to coffee shops, and I got to relax in their home office. Once back from there, I started to feel really sleepy and went into heat. The human put a diaper on me, and we didn’t go out much for 2 weeks, but I have a big garden, and we walked around and around and practiced durations. The plum tree started dropping plums on the ground, and I managed to sneak a few down whilst she wasn’t looking, but I don’t think she noticed. PADS is having a fundraising event called MOVE, so we had to get extra steps in every day and add them up. Some of my favourite humans donated pocket money, and it’s all going to the puppies training with PADS. My family went on holiday to Vancouver Island and stayed in a cabin. We had guests, and there were 11 people around on some days. I was very good and stayed in when they went fishing, and it was hot, so I slept extra long during the day. My big holiday goal was to get better at leash walking. Luckily there weren’t many other people around, so I had lots of long walks and a few sniffy walks too. My trainer invited me to some in-person classes, and other dogs were there too. Sometimes I get very over-excited to see them, but I’m told to keep a distance and ignore them, which is very hard to do. At the month’s end, I visited some old people at a retirement village. A few of them told me stories about the dogs they once had. It’s been a busy month, and the kids are returning to school soon, so I expect to get out and about a bit more and visit some exciting places. 

Submitted by: Jo Brand