Edith here. It’s December, winter, cold and dark at night. We have been going out a little less but have lots more time to play games and nap at home. My people are getting bigger, just like me, I barely fit in the car anymore so in the morning, when the kids go to school, I stay home now. Usually I’m ready for a nap in my kennel by the time they leave and it’s not long so it’s ok with me.

Christmas preparation was fun. A tree with lights, Christmas gnomes and Nutcrackers, gifts under the tree and excitement in the air. In the evenings we go outside and it’s usually for a quick walk because of the cold, but I sometimes see shadows and don’t always want to stay out long.

Once a week I go to the mall and meet some friends there for walking, talking and training. I’m not allowed to play and initially I get excited to see my friends but I’ve learned to quickly settle and then have a nice walk. Hopefully next year I can do that more and practice my good behaviour around my fellow pups.

After Christmas we were surrounded by snow and very cold temperatures. Outside walking was fun for short periods but I think I prefer to stay in the warm. My goals for next year include walking more, learning more, talking less and meeting new friends. Happy New Year everyone.

Submitted by: Jo Brand