Edith here. Well, most of the month, I have been in heat. The morning, mid-morning, afternoon and evening naps have been delightful. The house has been warm and quiet. Once I could, I’ve been out and about enjoying some outings. My PADS dog friends meet up with me regularly, and we stay on leash and walk around the parks or malls, and we even went to a museum. I’m learning and trying really hard not to bark, and when I’m quiet, I get a yummy treat. Last week I did really well and kept quiet, but I just want to say HI when I see my friends. I know all my cues, and my favourite is ROLL. But that’s easy because I love having my tummy rubbed, and so that comes with a roll. Some days are busy with lots of car rides, and I’ve been to the library a few times and school to watch a basketball practice. Most days, I enjoy an hour or so alone in my kennel and catch up on some sleep. 

Submitted by: Jo Brand