Edith here – well we’re full swing in to the summer hols. The calendar is full of activities, camps, summer jobs, visitors. Usually that means up early and busy mornings but longer afternoon naps. Twp of the kids volunteered in summer camps and so I got to visit them and watch some of their activities. They were singing and dancing and throwing beach balls and balloons around. I’m old enough to know about ignoring noises and beach balls.

Then my half sister came to stay for 5 days. She was tiny but had a big personality. I was very gentle and tolerant and I got to play chase in the garden. I had to work really hard on watching her getting lots of kibble whilst I didn’t. In the middle of the month I went to a sitter, my favourite sitter and I made sure I was super lovely at their house. We went to some coffee shops and eateries and I was quite good. This month we are continuing in person, group classes and sometimes I’m calm and focused but sometimes it’s just too exciting and I can’t help but not focusing and sometimes I just bark in excitement. Everyone tells me that I must try hard to get over that. Time will tell.

Things that I’m brilliant at now is the chin cue and doing cues when my raisers back is turned. We also practice distance cues and duration. The raiser kids have lots of friends and they have been visiting and going out lots. When people come over I have to try to ignore them but sometimes I just have to say hi, so I’m working on that too. The month ended with a heat wave so I’ve been getting extra long afternoon naps in and nice cold treats.

Submitted by: Jo Brand