Hello everyone. My name is Edith, and this month, I waved goodbye to my mum, siblings and caretakers and moved in with my new raisers. There are 3 kids, 2 cats and for the first week, another dog. I’ve been given little bits of training, time to play, and lots of time to sleep from day one. Sometimes I sleep in my kennel, and sometimes I get to lie on the cold floor. I have been in the car a few times and visited some friends in a big shop, but mostly I’m just at home settling in. I’m growing fast and am trying really hard to be good … but sometimes I like to chew things that I shouldn’t! There are lots of chew toys, so I’m going to try hard to stick to them. Every day I get to spend a little time on my own, and I have to sleep in my kennel. Sometimes I bark to get attention, but they tell me I must try to be as quiet as a mouse!

Submitted By: Jo Brand