Summer is finally here – but what a month. My family has been very busy with end-of-year school events, end-of-year dance practices and performances, birthdays, and more birthdays which means shopping for gifts and food. So for me, the month basically consisted of tagging along or waiting at home. I’ve been practicing longer durations and ignoring people. I now am a pro at the chin cue and am learning to put my chin on the ground while waiting. Some other places I’ve been are – touring an old folks home, watching professional skateboarders compete, a historical Fort, a school picnic and watching part of a tennis game. Of course, I need some fun now and again, so I did go on some off-leash trails with my friends. At the end of the month, I had an outdoor training session with two other dogs, and it was hot, so we just took things easy, but it was good to show my trainer what I had been learning. I’m told there will be a little surprise for me in July.

Submitted by: Jo Brand