Edith here. It’s spring now, and the weather is getting nicer for walks and outdoor get-togethers. Last week we went hunting for daffodils but didn’t find many. We took Granny to Vancouver island on the ferry at the beginning of the month because she wanted to see the whales. The ferry boat was busy, and so I saw and dodged lots of people of all sizes. I think it rained every day on the island, but we had nice walks and trips to the beach, and yes, we saw whales just offshore. Now that I’m older, I’m supposed to lie around a lot longer when I’m out in public. Sometimes I get bored and don’t want to lie about but I’ve been told it’s good for me and that I have to try really hard. My kids at home are busy with their activities and don’t play with me as much, but I try every day to be as cute as I can and get their attention that way. They took me to the shop and bought me some birthday gifts and so I’ll have to act surprised when they give them to me because I saw what they bought me. I still get excited to see my friends, and so a few times a week, I go out and meet one or two of them and have to try hard to be quiet and relaxed and not show my excitement too much. 

Submitted by: Jo Brand