Edith here! I’m a summer puppy, and I’ve been introduced to rain, more rain and torrential rain this month. Not my favourite kind of weather, but what it means is speedy toileting. I Gotta go fast and get back inside to the dry house/car. My raiser is all thumbs juggling an umbrella, bag, treats, poop bag and keys. Anyway, everyone is excited about Christmas. The pumpkins are gone, and there are lights and trees and decorations appearing. Kids are excited and sing Christmas songs and go shopping at the mall. I even saw Santa there. I don’t mind crowds, lots of people, screaming kids, that kind of thing, but I still get very overexcited seeing other dogs. So to help me learn to be calm, I go for walks with my three new friends. Pimento, Bubba and Charm. We’re all a similar age and are all learning the same stuff, so that’s great for me because we all learn together. Pimento came to play, and we ran around then had quiet time in the garage. Merry Christmas everyone.

Submitted by: Jo Brand