Edith here. What a month I’ve had. Granny moved, and so we’ve been back and forth lots, moving boxes, car rides, unpacking boxes, and more car rides! Granny’s new place is near a nice park, and so we have been for a few walks there.

I went to have Christmas photos taken early because, in the middle of the month, I got spayed and had a few days to do nothing at home. The 2 cats at home have been coming inside to lie by the fire, and I can smell them when they’re in the basement. Both cats just stare at me, and I’m trying hard to just sniff them and not lick them, but they do smell deliciously lickable.

When I first started going out in the rain, I really didn’t like it, but now I go out and look forward to a nice big towel rub down once back in. My raiser has been playing fun indoor games with me, and the kids have been doing more snuggling with me lately because they know that I won’t be with them much longer.

Christmas decorations are going up soon, and I’m excited to see my favourites.

Submitted by: Jo Brand