Edith here, October has been great. I’m old enough now to go for short trail walks off-leash, and I love having a little scamper. When I get called back, I know that there’ll be kibble waiting for me. I went to a farm to see pumpkins and sunflowers, and I fell in love with a small cow. The fence prevented me from going into the pen, but we rubbed noses, and she smelt so good. Now that it’s raining, I have done more indoor activities. At home, I’m learning to wait on my bed or wait where I’m told, and my raiser walks off and sometimes hides. Then when I hear the release word, I can move. Sometimes it’s really hard to stay put. School is somewhere I go now a couple of times a week. We walk around, and I go and watch volleyball games in the gym. It’s noisy, and the kids are leaping and cheering, and we only stay a few minutes, but I’m very quiet and sit still. This month I am getting distracted by all the smells around the neighborhood, so I’m having to slowly learn how to not want to sniff things on the ground. 

Submitted by: Jo Brand