Edith here. October was another busy month, the weather has been lovely, and I’ve had many outings. Some with other PADS dogs. I’ve been feeling a little calmer these days and have discovered that it’s not worth barking at other dogs because it just doesn’t help. Everyone is much happier when I’m quiet. My raiser started a new Wednesday group and leaves me home alone for two and a half hours, and it’s actually quite nice. I get a frozen treat, nap and before I know it, she’s home.

I’ve tagged along to the Doctor and Dentist, and it’s still a bit exciting to meet new people. If I look cute and just wag my tail, then everyone smiles at me. Sometimes I get a head scritch for good behaviour.

We went to an event in the dark with lit-up pumpkins, and three of my PADS pup friends were there. The school had a volleyball tournament, and that was a bit loud. So we sat upstairs and watched through the window. One big trip was to downtown Vancouver to see the BC Lions play. We had a cozy box and snacks and our team won. But my favourite days were going for walks in the forest on the trails. The sunshine and autumn leaves made for some lovely walks.

Granny moved to a new apartment and so I went to a fabulous sitter who took me for walks and to school. I got to watch the kids learn, and they had to sit still and listen, and I watched them closely. Now that I’m older, I nap a bit more and the dark evenings definitely make me tired. Oh, I almost forgot about the trips to the farm and pumpkin patch and, oh my, so many outings. I’m tired just thinking about it. This weekend I have a class party, and I have to dress up. That should be fun.

Submitted by: Jo Brand