Edith here. Wow, September is a long busy month. The month started with the kids volunteering at a noisy school camp, and of course, I had to go and watch some of their activities. My heat is now in its second month, which means extra sleep and longer walks to burn off a little bit of the weight I gained. At my age now, it’s just a matter of being better at everything I’ve learnt. Gotta walk better, sit for longer, wait longer for everything and that all takes time and practice. The kids are back at school, so I’ve had more daytime outings. I went to two older people’s homes, a museum where I stood on a red carpet and had some green screen fun, a library, a city hall, and an aquarium. Every day I get left at home to practice being by myself. I’m back to having some leash walks with friends and the odd off-leash scamper on a trail, which I enjoy. The apples on the tree and grapes on the vine are now ripe, so if I wait patiently and do not eat off the ground, an apple comes my way as a treat because there are lots to share. 

Submitted by: Jo Brand