Happy Holidays!

This month I’ve been very busy with my trainers. I got to go Christmas shopping, and help wrap Christmas presents, and even got to help decorate the tree. I took Christmas pictures with my family and other puppies, and boy is it hard to hold a pose for the photographer! At the Olds College I helped collect mittens that were donated to the Calgary Women’s Shelter, and got to meet a bunch of new friends.I  know that I’ve been a good girl because Santa brought me lots of presents, including some new ropes and treats to chew on. I also worked off any extra Christmas pounds chasing along with the skidoos when my humans went for rides. I’ve even gone for rides in the tractor to help my humans feed the cows! I met a family who has been waiting for a service dog, and lifted their Christmas spirits. I’m practicing extra hard on side and heel so that I can be part of a family just as nice one day! I’ve already learned a lot this year, and am excited to continue puppy training in 2017!

Submitted By: Amanda Hondl