Elara, looking back at the camera, sitting in a shopping cart.

July was a super fun month for me! I got to go swimming for my very first time at Sylvan Lake! At first I thought my trainer was crazy for going into the scary waves and jumping into the cold water. However, when I saw another puppy named Guinness paddling through the water I got excited and tried it out. My dog paddling is so superb I even beat Guinness to the stick thrown into the water!

This month I’ve also been at the Olds College Students Association helping out with renovations and leaving little painted paw prints behind me. I even made it out to the field to roll around in some nice mud and chase mosquitoes!

My newest command I’m trying to learn in puppy class is called “perch,” where I have to put both my front feet on a specified place (box, book, or other base). So far I don’t get why the humans want me to do this, but I’m slowly picking it up anyway. Looking forward to new tricks, commands, and adventures next month!

Submitted by: Puppy-raiser Amanda Hondl