Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.
    This month I got to try out camping! My trainer slept outside with me in something called a tent, in the backyard. I’ve also made some new puppy friends, as there is a new puppy for me out at the Farm, we really like to play tag together. I also found a walking buddy in Calgary, we get to check out the dog park together now and check out all the smells. In puppy class my trainer and I have been working on Recall, which is hard sometimes because I get distracted by all the cool things around me. I’m also working on not biting my leash, because I really like to try to walk myself sometimes, but I don’t want my trainer to resort to hot sauce. Interestingly enough I also “planted a garden” with my humans, apparently digging in the dirt is ok as long as you bury seeds while you’re doing it? Overall it’s been a busy month, and I’m excited to see what next month brings and what new places we’ll visit!


Submitted By: Puppy-Raiser Amanda Hondl