Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.


     My trainer and I found a new dog park in SW Calgary this month where I met my puppy buddy Storm. We really like to play tag on our walks, and sniff out new and exciting things. I also got to go fencing out at the farm where I found a big and nice slough to go swimming in! When I came out my fir was all black, but I rolled around in the grass so much that day that I was all clean by the end. For my new trick this month I learned how to shake a paw! Humans really seem to like when I do this. Most exciting of all, at the very end of the month I got to see my first fireworks! Although they were noisy and flashy they didn’t scare me at all because I’m such a brave puppy! I’m really looking forward to all the new adventures July will bring!

Submitted By: Puppy-Raiser Amanda Hondl