January was a busy month, as I left my whelping home in Calgary on January 5th, flew on an airplane to Vancouver and met my new raisers, Teri and Rory. I live with a retired PADS VIP dog named Folie; she is warming up to me slowly, and she let me cuddle with her in my kennel.

Pecan, who is in Advanced Training, was home from PADS University for my first week and taught me all kinds of great things, and she even let me cuddle her when I was missing my mom.

We have been visiting some interesting places, the trails near my home, a nice neighbourhood bistro and a clinic, where I can observe the world go by in a relaxed way. I even got to see some ducks on the False Creek Seawall; they were not interested in me so I just watched them doing duck things.

Submitted by: Teri Banks