May was a big month for me, as I was on a 2-week puppy swap with Kemble. Swaps are a good way to see how we pups do when we are with new people, see how resilient we are as well as expose us to new routines and environments. Kemble and I might be young, but we are already pros at our calm go in’s in restaurants, with no shenanigans.

I spent a week farm sitting up in Pemberton with retired PADS dogs Folie and Velvet along with some other PADS puppies in training – Duchess, Panther and Shimmer. It was so much fun, I was waiting by my saddle for a pony ride, but that didn’t happen, maybe next visit.

After our work was done, and we had some play time in the fields, I discovered the best place to cool down was a dip in the horses’ water trough. They didn’t mind.

Submitted by: Teri Banks