What a busy month I have had!

I was farm sitting, where I helped harvest the cucumbers, I carried this beauty through two fields to the house without one tooth mark.

I took my first ferry ride and loved the feel of the wind in my substantial ears. When we arrived in Qualicum, we shopped for crab at the French Creek Market, and I saw sea lions out on the pier. Then it was time for a crab feast at our friend’s home, and I was a little disappointed that they did not share the lovely wine, nor the crab that I helped choose. To make up for it, we got to go romp on the beach.

I got to practice seeing the scary Halloween exhibits in all the stores before trying out my own costumes. Folie and I settled on the pony outfits as the ghost was too hard to walk in. On Halloween, our neighbours put on a huge fireworks display that we all watched from our back deck, and it was spectacular!

Submitted by: Teri Banks