Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

ELPHIE has been successfully matched! We cannot give details about the client except to say that the person is retired and lives on the island in an urban/suburban area. Elphie is now coming into PADS for a few days a week to learn new sounds for her client and then staying with George to keep up practicing her sounds during the day. Team training will be scheduled for the fall.

  • Skills being learned: Alarm clock, switch to nose bump when handler in a seated position
  • Recent field trips: Granville Island, Lougheed Mall and various outings with George 
  • Possible behavior challenges: N/A 
  • Potential career path: Hearing

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Elphie!

Submitted By: Apprentice Instructor Ashley Siddals