Miss Elphaba is a natural hearing dog rock star!  She has now learned all four sounds she needs to know; timer, phone ring, door knock, smoke alarm.

She just needs to refine her alerts (alerting me when in different positions such as sit, lying down, walking etc) and practice alerting in different types of scenarios (loud tv on, other dogs in the room, and other various distractions).   She also needs practice with making sure she is truly listening to each sound and searching for it and not guessing location based on last sound practiced.  She is already picking up on this and I’m sure she will sort it out in no time.

Her main challenges that we are working on are to maintain loose leash in higher distraction scenarios and dog distraction.  She has been doing well at making progress with me and I hope to see her continue to get stronger.  We have also been working on “step” together.  This is a skill normally for bracing dogs, but because of her tendency to want to rush up or down stairs we have been working on this and she is doing much better on stairs and has the skill mostly on cue.  She’s a very quick study.

In the kennel, she’s rooming with Dorado and goes out to play with him and Tansy and Pan.  

Elphie is a really fun girl and I really enjoy working with her.  I’ve included some pictures of her doing sound work!

Submitted By: Ashley Siddals