Elphie is doing really well in the kennel.  She is rooming with Iris and goes to play with her and Pan.  She also goes out to play with Tansy and Dot.
Elphie is still rocking her sound work!  She has been getting stronger at alerting in different scenarios and is confident in searching for the source of the different sounds now.
She is still working on her loose leash in higher distractions.  She continues to improve, but sometimes her excitement gets the best of her.
Elphie was with me this past weekend and so we got to practice sound work at my apartment and she was awesome!  We also went for a dog park play date (with her former advanced kennel friend Mint who is now a working hearing dog) and worked on recall and obedience.  We also worked on prey drive distraction at a park near my house where we went to watch ducks and squirrels and practice engage/disengage work. 
I’ve included some pictures of her from the past month of field trips.
Thanks again for all your love and hard work with Elphie!

Submitted by: Ashley Siddals