August got off to a ruff start for me. As many of you know we labs explore the world with our noses and when we are little, like me, we also use our mouths. I was out exploring the world and I found something called cannabis and it made me very sick. It was awful and scary. Thankfully PADS medical knew what was happening and I was able to get on with life in the yellow vest after a few days of rest.
Some of this month’s highlights included:

  • A trip to the United States of America where I enjoyed sea breezes on my fur and I got to swim under a beautiful waterfall.
  • I went on a trail walk with my mama and her new roommate PADS breeding dog Elfin.
  • I got to stay with a sitter where I met a cat and learned they are very particular about their boundaries.
  • The tall raiser started taking me to work in the tail wagon. It is just like my kennel but it has wheels and there are always lots of yummy snacks inside. I love it… mostly.

My raisers always make me practise my cues even when I am out on the trails or visiting with other dogs and guess what?! It paid off because I graduated from puppy kindergarten and I start beginner class next month.
The best news I got this month is that a very lovely lady who I have known since I was born is now my sponsor. I am so happy to have her support and I will continue to work hard so she can be proud of me.

Submitted By: Loud and Tall Raisers