July was a pretty special month for me and Canada. My big sister Mocha came home from college to spend time with me. She reminded me all about staying calm in the house with another dog. She might have had to remind me a few times…. The tall and loud raisers took us on some exciting adventures.  We went camping with our mama Roma. We rode the ferry and neither of us were bothered by the loud ship’s whistle. We went canoeing and we were both experts at being calm and enjoying being paddled around by our raisers.

I love my sister a lot but she had to go back to college. After she went back to college I went back to work. I worked in the tall raiser’s office a bunch. The staff love me there. I went to a place called Ikea where I began plotting a rescue mission for all the trapped panda stuffies. I rode public transit a heap and I learned proper car protocol.

Fun fact! My sister and I are both named after drinks. Mocha is from the café litter and I am from the gin litter. Well, that’s all from me for now. Keep in touch.

xo @padsempress

Submitted By: Loud and Tall Raisers