This month I attended three destress events. I don’t really know what destress means but I made a bunch of people smile and laugh while they gave me snuggles. I had to practice proper greetings but you guys! I still managed to lick a few faces and they were delicious.

I spent time with a sitter and she took me on lots of adventures to her work, shopping in new stores, and to a place with ice rinks. I love ice rinks because hoomans fly across them with sticks and other times the hoomans twirl and it looks like my kind of thing. I wasn’t allowed to go out on the ice but I am pretty sure if I got a stick I would have been really good at ice rinking.

One of the most special things about this month was when I got to go to paw my respects at the Remembrance Day ceremony. It was a big ceremony with marching bands, giant metal birds in the sky, and bangs from a canon. I stayed calm and was very respectful. Although I might have tried to eat the chewing gum from the sidewalk… but I’m only a puppy.

Until next time, xo @padsempress

Submitted By: Puppy raiser Dawn Thompson