Every month I think there is no way the next month is going to be as exciting as that one but, you guys! This month was so exciting. I graduated from puppy kindergarten and got to start beginner class. My brother Gilbey and I are in class together and there are some new doggos with us, they are all a little older than us but don’t worry, we are holding our own. I took the ferry to the island (Vancouver Island). I am getting really good at being on the ferry. I was on the outside deck when the big ship’s whistle went off and I barely even noticed it. It was so great to go to the island because I got to run free in the country through the fields of tall grass. I also got to visit my friends at Victoria Distillers. Did you know they named a gin after me?

As usual the tall and loud raisers took me on lots of transit rides as well as to the grocery store a billion times, they eat a lot… and always to work and so many meeting rooms. The most exciting thing of all is that I got to spend time with my big sister Mocha, before she went into team training. We hung out with our brother Hero, he’s in advanced training, and it was cool because we are all in different stages of our working lives and it felt special to be together even just for an hour or two.
Until next time, keep your head up and your tongue out.

xo @padsempress

Submitted By: Loud and Tall Raisers