Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

So many fun things this month I hardly know where to start.  The weather is so nice out that my dad now bikes to work regularly. Problem is I like to go to work too but dad hates the bus in the summer. Dad borrowed a special wheels thing for me to try and I love it!  I get to see so much more from my convertible.  I get lots of attention now going to work along the bike paths and the upside for dad is he is getting really fit.

 It was also time to start thinking of my summer holidays.  Being a Calgary dog it’s a rare pleasure for me to have the scent of seaweed and feel the salty wind on my face.  So in the summer I get to go to the coast and have a taste of what the life of a Vancouver dog is like.  I like to put my feet in the water and put my head under to look for things but so far I haven’t followed my friend out for a swim.  I love running through the woods but I’m not allowed to chase deer.  Mom says even if there are deer or birds or other interesting things I have to listen for my “here” and recall right away.  This is hard so sometimes mom has really great treats for me to help remind me this is always the best choice. All this running and playing is tiring so I’m off for a little nap in my kennel.  I love my kennel.

Submitted By: David Welsh