September was a fun month and I worked hard.  I came back to Calgary after my summer holidays by the sea.  I loved my holidays but I also like getting back to my routines of going to the office sometimes and wearing my vest a lot more.  One of the highlites of my month was going to a working dog event where I met lots of people and answered questions about what I am being trained to do.  I met our mayor, who is a friendly nice man but his taste in shoes was eclectic to say the least.


I also spent a lot of time in the hospital.  I had to fly back to Vancouver quickly as a family member was in hospital so for 5 days I hung out there.  I took the opportunity to cheer a lot of people up and people were always asking me to visit other patients.  Nurses and social workers would see me and ask me to go different places.  I was so good and handsome in my vest  that I think they thought my official job was visiting.  I like visiting and know it cheers people up and generally hospital isn’t such a fun place for them ( not that fun for me either as I have to be very disciplined and in control at all times.  No running around) but I like cheering people up.  Once I had to jump up on a bed as a patient really wanted to snuggle me but couldn’t reach down.  I’m not allowed on beds so this was tricky.  I was told to jump on but then I knew it was a bed so I had to be asked a few times and I wasn’t sure if it was ok but everyone seemed happy when I did so I guess there are exceptions to bed rules!

Submitted By: David Welsh