July was hot, and I was trying to get used to the heat. I enjoy an occasional dip in the water, but I still need to get more comfortable with having all 4s on solid ground.

My mates have been trying to teach me the CHIN command, but I do not like it one bit. There is a bump on the bridge of my nose that they keep trying to touch, so now, when they say CHIN, I back away and run from them. I don’t think it hurts, but I don’t really like them touching me there. (the bump – Check it out on the photo)

Besides that, I love my social time with my dog friends, chasing and being chased, with lots of running on a nice summer day. I have been enjoying a few first—first time camping overnight in a tent. I was spooked by strange noises in the middle of the night and barked to protect my tent mates and scare the yahoos outside. I enjoyed the outdoors, but sleeping on the ground has much to be desired. I tried to snuggle up and sleep on my mate’s bed. Unfortunately, there just was not enough room.

I have decided I love to eat raspberries and blueberries. Every time I go out in the backyard, there are berries to be had. And I absolutely love them.

Submitted by: Lena Lai