We’ve had Eras for just over a week and overall it has gone really well.
We are working on the following:
1. House training
2. Charging the clicker – for at least half of one meal
3. Name recognition
4. Eye contact
5. Loose leash walking
7. Impulse training
8. Bite inhibition

#1 – is going OK. we’ve had a few pee accidents. But working on being diligent in reading his signs.
#2-7 are all going very well. Smart puppy πŸ™‚
#8 is the most challenging and I’m looking for alternative training techniques to walking away & giving another toy.
Eras has been introduced to many different social environments over the past week. One of the most fun for him has been my kids’ football practices and games. There are lots of people of every age. He’s happy to focus on training and to meet/greet people while sitting nicely. He’s also had the opportunity to watch other dogs – and is very curious.

Submitted By: Lindi Porter