August was so much fun. I walked in the Pride Parade and I was a poster pup! I also worked my charms at a PADS booth at Burnaby Pride as well as the Burnaby Neighbourhood House street party. What can I say, people love me. All these events are helping me get used to being in large, noisy, crowded areas and getting comfortable with lots of people coming up to pet me.

I’m currently working on duration sits and downs, as well as settling in public. I’m usually a go-go-go kinda girl so waiting around while my co-raiser eats in a restaurant doesn’t sit too well with me, especially when the food isn’t for me. I’ve been getting better and learning that restaurants can be a nice place to chill, especially when it’s hot outside and there’s air conditioning inside.

I am also practicing my side and heel positions. Learning the difference between left and right sides is hard, but I’m taking it once step at a time. The month ended with a fieldtrip to the PNE. I loved seeing all the animals in the barn and the smells from the food stands. Too bad none of the stalls sold dog treats. I was pretty bummed about that but luckily my coraisers had packed my favourite treats for me. I also got to watch the Super Dog show and saw some familiar faces on the stage. It was very inspiring and really motivated me to work harder on my training.

Submitted By: Karen Mok