Esme has been working hard on learning the difference between Heel and Side. She is also working on controlling her food impulse and being patient when in duration sits and downs.

Esme had a wonderful Christmas break filled with plenty of off leash trail walks at Mundy Park with her PADS pals and was spoiled with lots of presents. She stayed up ’til midnight to ring in the new year and was absolutely exhausted the next day.

Her co-raisers have been bringing her to different people’s homes to visit over the holidays and people were very impressed with her extraordinary house manners.

Esme visited Glow Vancouver over the holidays and met Santa Paws. She also attended Access Day at the Vancouver Aquarium and got to meet some sea dogs (otters) who were very fond of her and all the other PADS dogs that were visiting that day.

Submitted By: Karen Mok.  Photos By: Karen Mok & Bill Ng