My name is Esme and I came to PADS all the way from Summit Assistance Dogs located in Washington. My first month as a PADS Assistance Dog-In-Training has been very busy and exciting. I went on lots of sleepovers and met many new PADS dogs/sitters/raisers. I love them all and I have been told I am a lovely house guest!  

I accompany one of my co-raisers to work in an office on most weekdays and I learned to settle very nicely and quietly on my mat or under a desk. I’m a people lover but I need to practice polite greetings and keeping all four paws on the floor when I say hello. My special skills at the office include daytime napping and making people smile. I enjoy lunch time walks because I get lots of treats while practicing loose leash walking. I also get occasional play breaks with a fellow PADS Dog-In-Training in the office building.

My other lovely co-raiser has older PADS dogs and I learn so much from modelling after their good behaviour. I aspire to be like them when I grow up! My fabulous co-raiser also takes me on many adventures where I can practice my puppy manners and experience new things. I have visited many fun places such as a horse stable, grocery stores, coffee shops, a hair salon, and different parks.

While I loved playing in the snow this chilly February, I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can spend more time outside.

Submitted By: Karen Mok