I spent the first half of July on a puppy swap with PADS Yoki’s family and it was so much fun!  They brought me on many different outings and I learned lots from living with children. 

After I got back from my swap, my co-raisers said I had to practice settling in public more so they took me to many coffee shops and restaurants.

It has been a hot summer and I went swimming for the first time this month.  I’ve been told I’m a total water baby and was a natural swimmer.  I even fully submerged my head underwater!

I ended the month with a trip to Science World where there were lots of distractions.  I handled it pretty well considering the super busy, distraction-filled environment.  On the way home I did a super tight “go-in” under a Skytrain seat which really impressed my co-raisers. Yay me!

Submitted By: Karen Mok