June has been a fabulous month and I continue to spread joy by going to destress events.  I brought lots of smiles to a yoga class, too, along with PADS Pride – who showed me how to be professional when I’m out working with my cape on.

I’m improving my engaging/disengaging.  I’m getting more consistent at answering to “Puppy, Puppy” recalls right in the middle of some rough and tumble play at off-leash parks.  Thanks to PADS Ducati and PADS Sprout for giving me these training playdates! 

Loud noises are starting to worry me so my co-raisers are helping me overcome this challenge. I’m also working hard on settling quietly in public.  I need to learn to chill even when I’m not at home or in the office.  My new favourite cue to practice is “Jump On”. (Suits my bouncy personality super well.)

I volunteered at the PADS Open House with my co-raiser.  I hope I helped recruit some new volunteers with my doggy smile.

This month ended with the start of my two week puppy swap with PADS Yoki.  I hope Yoki is enjoying playing with my toys just as much as I’m enjoying playing with her toys.

Submitted By: Karen Mok