March has been a busy month for me! One of my co-raisers brought me to the annual PADS Gala (For the Love of Dog) and I had a great time being a puppy hostess in the puppy lounge. Getting scratched and snuggled on the job is the best thing in the world. I am growing up fast and I’ve learned so many new cues this month while perfecting the ones I’ve already learned. I’ve gotten much better at greeting people politely while keeping all four paws on the floor and my good manners get me even more love and attention, which I love. I still get excited and distracted by the sight of other dogs (I just want to play with them!) but I’m learning that when my vest is on, I’m on the clock and that I’ll be allowed to play when my vest is off and I’m off duty.

My co-raiser says I’m an excellent shopping buddy and that I’m very good in shops and grocery stores. Some of my best loose leash walking takes place inside stores and some of my best duration sits and downs happen while I’m waiting for my co-raiser to browse the shelves or while we wait in lines. I also make a great coffee date and can sit under a table patiently once I get over the initial disappointment that I can’t eat any of the delicious human treats. Good thing my co-raiser always has a bag of doggy treats to reward my good behaviour on such occasions!

Submitted By: Karen Mok