I spent the month of May continuing to spread joy at many destress events throughout the city, including the office of one of my co-raisers, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and Research Institute, Atomic Cartoons, a yoga studio, and a school carnival out in Abbotsford.  My co-raisers say these are excellent learning opportunities to help me get accustomed to settling down in public and toning down my excitement in the presence of other PADS pups in capes.

I tend to get a little (or a lot) over-excited in puppy classes and destress events, so I’m going to keep practicing.  I’m always getting exposure to new environments so I can learn to be comfortable with anything and everything.  Some examples include riding the Skytrain, walking on wide grates, and walking on open staircases.  I’ve been told I’m curiously cautious about new things but once I conquer new challenges, I’m rewarded with lots of great treats!  When I’m not in cape, I enjoy playing in off-leash parks and getting all my puppy sillies out so that I can be calm and composed when I’m back in cape.

Submitted By: Karen Mok