I went on a couple of sleepovers this month while my co-raisers were away. It was so much fun meeting new human and doggo friends. My sitter took me to a PADS event at a winery. I was disappointed that there was nothing in it for me but I hope the humans had fun tasting wine. One of my co-raisers brought me to a PADS event at Gabi & Jules who so kindly held a fundraising event for PADS. I hope I helped raise some money with my cuteness. I continue to volunteer at E-Comm, helping their staff de-stress.

I am working on my duration “Sit”, “Down”, and “Stand”. I have to learn to be more patient so that I can transfer these skills to practical every day use such as waiting in a long line or settling in a restaurant. I ended the month celebrating VIP Dot’s birthday. There was pupcake for each of us, it was so good that I devoured it in a second.

Submitted By: Karen Mok.  Photos Submitted By: Angela Smith & Karen Mok