I’ve entered my adolescent phase, so sometimes I do things that don’t make my family very happy. (Whoops!) I test out new behaviours and see if I can make it into a game with them. Turns out they don’t like it when I take their things, and they don’t want to chase me around. So I’m learning better things to do when I get excited. They know I love peanut butter, so sometimes they’ll give me a lick mat with PB on it. I love licking that and it calms me right down.

I also got some new toys this month. I destuffed the poor watermelon stuffie, but one of my neighbours gave me a new toy. (Which I also destuffed in a couple of days!)

We’re also working really hard on helping me get and stay calm. It’s hard for a dog who loves to work so much, but I’m getting better.

Submitted by: Sedore Family