Every day, it seems like I’m learning or seeing something new. I went to some sporting events this month. I only saw the first part of the soccer game because I couldn’t understand why I should be sitting still when all the kids were running around! They looked like they were having so much fun! I also went inside a school gym where some kids were playing softball. Sometimes they would miss the ball, and it would roll right by me. Whenever that happened, I would get treats for not chasing it! That’s a good deal if you ask me!

Halloween was interesting. I saw some of the decorations during the day, so I could see them well and sniff them out. At night time, I stayed home to greet the kids who came to our home. I waited behind a gate, though, so I could see them, but we wouldn’t scare each other. Whenever they came to the door or whenever the fireworks went off, I got treats! Hooray! Shortly after the last kids left, I fell into such a deep sleep, not even the fireworks could wake me.

Oh, and since I’m growing so fast, I got a new cape and collar! My Disney Dogs collar is perfect since I am a Disney Dog too!

Submitted by: Sedore Family