In December I arrived to my new home.  It was exiting to meet the other dogs that lived there.  My big brother Enzo (adopted), helped teach me so many things.  I watched him do his commands and I learned really fast.  I love my food a lot but I had to learn to not eat it until I was told I could.  I was learning about biting.  I wanted to bite Enzo on his ears and paws but Enzo showed me very quickly that that wasn’t a good idea.  We had many nice walks in the woods over Christmas and I tried to keep up with the other dogs but mostly I was too small to jump over the branches and things, and the snow was very hard to run through when it was taller then me.  I like to nap a lot still, especially if Enzo wants to nap too.  Then we curl up together.  All in all Christmas was really fun!

Submitted By: David Welsh