We are still working on recall in high distraction places like the ravine, where there are birds and things. This is quite difficult for Fendi unless we have good treats. Leftover chicken seems to do it! Fendi’s very favorite behavior is bringing things to us. As soon as we let her out of her kennel in the morning she looks for something to bring to us – usually socks. She wiggles all over and is very proud of herself. Fendi likes to bring to us as many different things as she can carry at once. She has a favorite slipper and she likes to walk around the house with the slipper on her nose. She’s always so happy to see us!   Fendi does still put her paws up; for instance if I’m lying in bed and my husband lets her out of the kennel she will get her sock or other item and put her paws up on the bed trying to give the item to me.  We are still working on “four on the floor at all times” but it’s very hard for her when she is excited.

Submitted By: Jennifer Harris