June has been quite the month! At the beginning of the month my club at UBC, Campus Canines, received some wonderful and generous donations from the Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS), which meant that my Campus Canines friends and I got together to have a photo shoot, followed by a great play session. 

In June, I also went to a movie theatre for the first time. I did try to eat some popcorn off the floor at the beginning. Still, once I remembered I’m not supposed to eat off the floor, I fell into a deep slumber and was very well behaved according to my raiser. 

This month was big for my raiser, too, as she was finishing her summer school exams and starting her new summer job at PADS. That meant I spent many days in the UBC library with her and practiced settling around other dogs, namely my new friend Pride, in the PADS office. Don’t worry, though; Pride and I also get lots of breaks to play together and have so much fun! 

Submitted by: Alina