October is what human university students usually call “midterm season.” As a Campus Canines UBC puppy being raised by a full-time student at UBC, this meant the first part of October was a very chill month for me, involving lots of napping, especially by the fireplace as the weather grew colder. However, near the end of the month, things got a little busier with Halloween approaching. My raisers took me to this place called a Halloween store, where there were a bunch of really loud, moving objects, lights, and faces. My human said this exercise was something called “desensitization” and said I was super brave and did an amazing job!

Keeping up with the spirit of Halloween, my Campus Canines friends (Loki, Marvel, Wilma, and Tio) and I all went to a pumpkin patch and farm, where I got to see some horses up close for the first time. The horses smelled really interesting, and I was really excited to see them, but my raiser wouldn’t let me say hi (how rude!). Eventually, I was able to collect myself and realized it was actually more fun to stay close to my raiser and watch them from a distance. To finish off the month, I got to attend two different Halloween parties with my friends, where I dressed up first as a frat boy and then as a prisoner of Azkaban (which I later found out my mom, PADS Chai, had dressed up as years before! Like mother, like son).

Submitted by: Alina Cirlova