For Flint, the highlight of January was the snow – and we took the opportunity to pair great snowy hikes with training – practicing sits, downs and “this way” to perfect the skills.

January also was a month of great challenge for Flint — learning to settle with a leash guided down & no treats! Yup, you read that correctly … just settling for the joy of settling. This was difficult for Flint but with a lot of practice, consistency and great tips from Trainers, Flint has achieved success. You’ll see a few pics are “boring” — and we are most proud of these boring pics of doing nothing after a leash guided down either at work or a busy restaurant.

Flint has become a chilled-out dude and one of his favourite things to do is come right up to a person, lie as close to them as possible and share his warmth & love. It is beyond adorable, but I think also a sign for what his future holds, being a calming force.

Submitted By: Lindi Porter