We spent 2 weeks in Pemberton where Folie did awesome rocket recalls from across the fields and from the barn past a smelly bear trap (didn’t even try to stop and sniff), horses in their paddocks and horse poop. She was wonderful with Mudge and the other 6 dogs we had at any given time – from a 17 year old grumpy shepherd, spaniel, border collie that loves herding dogs and a high energy Boston Terrier. I didn’t realize until the hair came off Mudge’s face that her “kissy face” game consisted of Folie biting hard on Mudge (Mudge didn’t make a sound or move away)but she didn’t try this on any of the other dogs. We are working on getting Folie to be gentle when Mudge is around. She has done a light hike to a lake with Halo, Mudge & Khaleesi, mostly on leash with off leash at the end in a safe area, and she had great recall and trail manners.

Submitted By: Teri Banks