Wow, what a month! I have been a busy puppy or should I say, young lady. I turned one on February 8th and to celebrate my birthday I got to romp on the trails with my BFF PADS Bonnie. It was great to have a long run and sniff fest by the lake. Afterwards I was really tired and of course my hoomans had to dress me up. It was okay because I got lots of presents and treats to help me celebrate.

I went to the Pet Lovers Show, it was my second PADS event. I kept my cool while I walked around the displays with my hoomans. I got to hear, see, and smell lots of different animals. There was a photo booth too… but it wasn’t all running, sniffing, and play. I got back into my training and visited lots of stores with my raisers. I settled nicely and remained focused even when we stopped and talked to friends. I also had a play date and visit with PADS Benelli and PADS sitter Raffi. We had a great time exploring trails and chasing each other in the yard. It was fun playing with someone my own age.

I got to help with an important task this month. My hoomans picked up PADS Zazu from her caretakers and brought her to the vet for her check up as well as shots before bringing her to PADS office so she could start her journey by training with Dogs with Wings. I was really curious about this small puppy and helped soothe her on the drive.

Submitted By: Veronica & Ross Spenard